Quality system in the Istrian Region

The Istrian Region, as the first region in the Republic of Croatia, and also one of the first local and regional units in this part of Europe, has certified the system of managing quality following the international norm ISO 9001:2000,  covering the field of regional self-government administration).

The check-up was performed by the certificate company SGS ICS. On 26 April 2001, it issued the certificate on the compliance of the quality management system in the Istrian Region with the demands of this international norm.

The solemn award reception for the Certificate ISO 9001:2000 was held on 23 May 2001 in Zagreb, where the representatives of the Istrian Region delivered the certificate to the President of the Republic of Croatia Mr. Stjepan Mesić.

Quality policy of the Istrian Region is a result of a general intention and aspiration of the Region to increase its own efficiency with the objective of as complete as possible compliance of demands and expectations of its citizens and other interested parties.

The reason for introducing the management quality system, its maintenance and constant improving is clear: an awareness of the need of improving the organization and work, with the aim of as successful satisfying the needs of citizens and other users of services of the self-government part of the Region, or the need to satisfy the internationally accepted standards in the field of public administration.

The Istrian Region accepted the challenge and made the first step towards quality in the area of public administration, recognizing it as a model and a fundamental principle of its work.

Profoundly aware of the importance of a certified management system given the conditions of growing needs of the community for a more efficient public administration, it successfully renewed the certificate, thus confirming its basic commitment to permanently develop the quality of its work and activities, with the objective of meeting the needs and expectations of its citizens and other users of its services. Balanced quality and fast processing of claims, availability of information, openness of its work to the public, and transparency of work are all the guarantee of the development of this Region into a modern and efficient unit of regional self-government.