Who is the norm ISO 9001 intended for?

The official edition of the norm, in the chapter "Field of Application”, it is clearly stated that the norm is applicable to any organization that "wants to prove its ability to consistently create the agreed upon product and/or service" (ISO 9001).

In highly developed countries, there is no industrial producer without a certificate according to ISO 9000 norms. In the field of services, it is introduced in financial institutions, health care, educational institutions, transportation, and tourist organizations etc. 

In the United States, Great Britain, France, and Japan, 9000 and 14000 norms have become the usual model of managing government institutions. They are introduced by local authorities and town administrations. It is the consequence of the awareness that the core of the solution in both public and private sectors is the same- the relationship to the employees and the relationship to clients/buyers, users/.