Physical plans of the Region of Istria

Physical plans are documents regulating the planned activities which, according to Article 12 of the Law on Physical Planning (Narodne Novine, the official Croatian Bulletin no. 30/94, 68/98, 61/00 and 32/02), specify purposeful organization, use and function of the space, and regulations for physical planning of areas of the State, Regions, the Town of Zagreb, municipalities, and towns. In the area of the Istrian Region, the following types of physical plans have been adopted or else are currently being elaborated:

  • Physical plan of the Region,
  • Physical plan of the special features areas,
  • Physical plan of the town/municipality,
  • General zoning plan,
  • Zoning plan,
  • Detailed zoning plan

In the area of the Istrian Region, the following spatial plans adopted before the Law on Physical Planning of 1994 (or the amendments and changes of the 1998 Law) are still valid:

  • Physical plans of (former) municipalities,
  • Urban master plans (older generations),
  • Physical plans of assestments,
  • Performance zoning plans,
  • Zoning plans of smaller settlements,
  • Zoning projects,
  • and their use will continue until the adoption of the plans of the new generation.

Physical plans in the area of the Region need to be in accordance with the Strategy and the Programme of Physical Planning of the Republic of Croatia, as well as with the physical plans of areas with special features adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia. In the procedure of adopting the physical plan of the region and physical plans of the area with special features adopted by the region representative body, the obliging agreement will be issued by the ministry authorized for the works of physical planning. 

Physical plans adopted by the representative bodies of the towns/municipalities must be in accordance with physical plans adopted by the representative body of the Istrian Region. 

With this respect, and on the basis of Articles 24, 26 and 26.b of the Law, the Institute for Physical Planning of the Istrian Region issues its opinion about the correspondence of the physical plans for the towns/municipalities, general zoning plans, and zoning plans with the physical plan of the Region, on basis of which the authorized office of state administration for works of physical planning will issue its agreement following the proposal of the described physical plans.

Spatial plans