Physical plan of the Istrian Region - Documentation

The documentation on physical planning, in the senses of the Article 7 of the Law on Physical Planning (Narodne Novine no. 30/94, 68/98, 61/00 and 32/02) includes all documents related to physical planning applied in the area of the Region, as well as cartographic, statistic, and other documentation necessary for the elaboration of physical plans, studies on the evaluation of the effects some interventions have on the environment, sector studies, and similar. With this regard, a special documentation was formed at the Institute for Physical Planning of the Istrian Region in a digital form on CD-ROMs, which is, along with an explanation of the demands, available to all external users, except for the part that is limited by a special regulation or copyright of the author of the documentation.

A special category of the documentation are reports and programmes of measures for the improvement of the situation in the area, recorded in the form of register, which all towns and municipalities are obliged to deliver to the Institute for Physical Planning of the Istrian Region on the basis of Article 11.a. of the Law.