Work domain

The President's Cabinet performs:

  • professional, counselling, protocol, and administrative works for the needs of the President and the Vice Presidents, organizes works connected with protocol receptions and solemn events,
  • performs works connected with giving information, public relations, and promotional activities,
  • performs works connected with interregional collaboration in the country, encourages the establishment of interregional and international collaboration with units of local and regional self-government of other countries, follows the programmes of European institutions and associations and presents them at the local level,
  • performs works in the function of realizing the collaboration of the Regional bodies with state bodies, institutions, and associations, organizes coordination with towns and municipalities in relation to adjustment and regulations of questions of common interest for the development of the Region,
  • makes acts and contracts for the needs of the President and the Regional Government,
  • performs works in the area of computing development for the needs of the Region,
  • examines petitions and complaints of the citizens regarding the work of RegionÂ’s administrative bodies, and proposes measures for the removal of observed irregularities,
  • performs counselling, professional and analytical works of preparation and synthesis of data necessary for the interpretation of economic trends, and proposes measures of development, promotion, and systematic improvement of economy,
  • performs counselling, professional, and analytical interpretation of social trends, and proposes measures of development, promotion, and a systematic improvement of education, health and social issues, culture, sport, and other.

With the aim of building a civil society, Cabinet of the Region preisdent supports and helps work of all forms of associating the citizens.