Current results of activities against addiction-related illnesses

We maintain that the way of work of all subjects involved in the prevention and the cure of addiction has so far showed some positive results:

  • Although the number of new cases is not a disputable indicator of the situation, it should be pointed out that the number of new cases in Istria in 2002 is the same as the one in 2000, and smaller that the number in 1999. 2002 marked a significant fall in newly recorded cases, which will be above 40 % for the whole Istria.
  • In Istria, we have never had a single drug addict aged 11, 12 or 13! At the age of 14, the worst cases come in touch with heroin for the first time. No younger ages of addicted persons have been recorded in the last previous years.
  • In Istria, as well as the entire Croatia, the general mortality rate of addicts and the overdosing mortality is lower than the European average, while the number does not grow. Rather, it varies.
  • An increasingly larger number of programmes answering our call or self-initiatively, in almost all units of local self-government, and an increasingly larger number of interested experts and citizens, and the users of the program are indicators of a growing responsibility of the local community for fighting the phenomenon of addiction, strengthening children and the young people for healthy choices of life.