Other activities of the Istrian Region

The Istrian Region co-finances and carries out education through parent advisory councils in almost all towns of the Istrian Region, through centres for prevention and extra hospital treatment in Pula and Poreč, and through school prevention programme of work with children at schools. The media campaign "Run Away" needs to be put in the context of other drug addition prevention programmes co-financed by the Istrian Region and supported in various ways. The campaign is not its own purpose. Rather, it is connected with other activities that have so far been more oriented to education of the population at risk and/or total population, the treatment of addicts and the support to their families. Only after a long time direct work with addicts (centres, health institutions, associations, communes), numerous programmes of strengthening the young people (school prevention programmes, counselling centres), and education of professionals working on these programmes (possibility of educating a large number of health, social, educational, and other interested experts from various aspects of psychotherapeutic work), was it estimated that it is necessary to do much more for making the public sensitive to the problem, and to focus on one of the main sources of the problem (drug dealers), the need of encouraging individual responsibility and the change of behaviour, as well as warning of some possible consequences of taking drugs.

Total funds planned in 2003 for all programmes of addiction were 1.500.000,00 kn. The other programmes supported about 20 institutions, associations, organizations, institutions, and centres on basis of the adopted programme of public needs in health for 2003, which was publicly presented and accepted by the administrative bodies of the Istrian Region.