Programme of development of golf as an element of the development strategy of Croatian tourism, 1999

Regarding the fact that this Programme is in accordance with the Programme of physical planning of the Republic of Croatia, as such it represents an element of the Strategy of its physical planning. Each proposal of constructing a golf court was analysed primarily as a part of wider and, in Croatian terms, new tourist offer of a specific area, in relation to the space as tourist recreational and sport facility which finds its meaning and justification either in larger urban centres and their immediate vicinity or in various tourist areas or destinations. 

The starting premises about golf are discussed as a form and an indispensable need of contemporary tourist offer which developed in other Mediterranean countries as well. For this reason, our starting premise is that in Croatia tourism is the only realistic basis for the development of golf in the market sense. 

The above represents the basis of the proposed physical and market-based distribution of golf courts, as well as the reached level for the preparedness of the realization and other starting criteria. 

This Programme, along with the choice of localities for the construction of golf courts with significance for the Republic of Croatia proposes certain realization propositions and institutional and organizational procedures, or the proposal of the programme of measures for the realization of the Programme itself. The proposal also includes activities of monitoring the realization of the accepted decisions and monitoring the quality control.  

These are the most important elements of a well-designed policy of golf development as a group of measures creating conditions and removing obstacles for the construction of golf courts as one of the most necessary and indispensable elements of the development of a quality tourist offer and the change of its traditional prevailing market image as a country of seasonal and mass tourism in which it is still not possible to get the appropriate value for money.  

Finally, the Programme offers basic conclusions with the proposal of decisions and measures for its realization.