Installation of gas system project in short

The project is conceived so that the entire territory of the Istrian Region should be a single distribution area aimed at avoiding the discrimination of future users regarding gas price and gas connections.  

The realization of the project is divided into two phases, and the first phase includes:

  • the construction of a 250 km long distributive gas pipeline network in 10 towns of the Istrian Region with the belonging plants.
  • the construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline Pula - Umag.
  • 26 000 users connections (households and economy).
  • construction lasting 4 years.
  • consumption of 73 mil. m3 of natural gas.
  • 30-year concession.  

The construction of the gas supply system comprises project elaboration, issuing permits and the construction of networks and plants needed for supplying the users with gas. In accordance with tender documentation, the list of expenses for the entire project has been made, as well as economy indicators of the project and the forecast for the business of the future company.

1. Investment (without gas pipeline Pula - Umag):   28,5 mil â‚¬ (including MRS)
2. Gas pipeline Pula - Umag:                                        20,8 mil €(according to the Preliminary Plan)
3. Participation of users (connection):                         10,9 mil €  

Annual gas consumption and gas retail prices:

1. Households:            27 mil m3
2. Economy:                  46 mil m3
3. Household price:       0,252 €/m3 (2,31 kn/m3)
4. Economy price:           0,231 €/m3 (2,12 kn/m3)