Project "LITTLE GEA"

The "Little GEA" project comprises the construction of the main gas pipeline connecting the Northern Adriatic natural gas deposits (fields Ivana, Ika, Anamarija) with the existing high-pressure gas pipeline system of continental Croatia. In reality, this means connecting the compression platform Ivana K situated near the central production platform Ivana A via Pula and Rijeka to Karlovac. The length of the continental part of gas pipeline is 191 km (the route in the Istrian Region is 54,6 km long). It is planned for the annual transportation of 1,5 billion m3 and the pressure of 75 atm. In the area of the Istrian Region, along with the construction of gas pipeline, the project also comprises the construction of a reception terminal near Vodnjan (Guran) and MRS (measuring reduction stations) Labin and Kršan. The Town of Pula and its large surroundings and the main gas pipeline Pula - Umag will be supplied with gas from the terminal in Vodnjan. The construction of a submarine part of the pipeline (Ivana K - Pula), and the continental part Pula - Vodnjan is managed by the Inagip company, while the construction of the pipeline Vodnjan - Karlovac, terminals, and MRS is carried out by the Plinacro company. The estimated value of the continental part of gas pipeline Pula - Karlovac is 85 mil. €. Permits have been issued for the route of the pipeline from Vodnjan to Karlovac, the contest for contractors has been announced, so that the construction should begin soon, whereas the construction of the entire gas pipeline Ivana K - Karlovac should be completed by 2006. 

The length of the submarine part of the gas pipeline laid on the sea-bottom is 45km, and only the last 700 m before the exit to the mainland are buried into the ground (horizontal bore). The value of the investment for the submarine part of the pipeline is 40 mil.€. The contest has been announced and the offers are being gathered.