Significance of the project

One of priority projects in the segment of infrastructure projects in the area of the Istrian Region is certainly the project of introducing natural gas. Following the construction of pipeline infrastructure (network and plants), economy and households will be able to use cheaper fuel. For the sake of comparison, in the heating season 2005/2006, the households in the area of the Region will averagely have to pay twice as much for heating than the households in the continental part of Croatia to which this particular gas is already accessible.

The same is true for the Istrian economy, which is forced to use alternative and twice as expensive fuels due to the impossibility of using gas. Furthermore, this lowers its competitiveness in the market because the expenses are higher at the very beginning.  

Another and not less important fact is that the construction of the distributive pipeline system would include numerous local companies with a rich experience in the field, both contractors and engineers. Recent experiences in road construction have demonstrated how much development projects mean for increasing employment at the local level and for boosting the overall economy.