Plan of planting long-time plantations 2004-2008

The Istrian Region has excellent comparative advantages for growing long-time plantations in viticulture, fruit and olive growing (soil, climate, tradition, market, autochthonous sorts). Istrian farmers, depending on the microclimate, are traditionally attached to vine, olive and hazelnut cultures, which are most frequent cultures in the agriculture of this area. Negative trends of inadequate agrarian policy since 1945 were partially improved following the introduction of the Regional Programme of co-financing and supplying the planting material carried out since 1994. The efforts made so far have resulted in activating the employment of the young people and their stay in the rural area, increasing the income of agricultural estates, and activating neglected resources suitable for the production of high-quality typical and traditional autochthonous products. The acceptance of the Republic of Croatia into the European Union will result in the limitation of further planting. For this reason, the Plan of increasing long-time plantations has a strategic interest for the Istrian Region. Consequently, it is our objective to encourage faster planting of long-time plantations. The Istrian Region will secure significant budget funds for this purpose in the next few years.