Government's conclusions (05 December 2003)

1. The Programme of Co-Financing and Acquiring Planting Material or the models of intensive support for laying out the long-time plantations in the area of the Istrian Region for the period between 2004-2008 is accepted, and it is to be performed in the following way:

  • Family agricultural estates or agricultural entrepreneurs should plant at least 2000 square metres of plants, which they will prove to the agricultural cooperative by submitting a copy of cadastre plan and property certificate, or else the lease contract,
  • The Programme should include towns and municipalities in the Istrian Region in whose area the long-time plantation is being laid out, and the distribution of planting material will be carried out through agricultural associations,
  • In the following five (5) years, the Istrian Region will co-finance the value of acquiring planting material from its Budget with 1/3 of the amount of the value, provided that 1/3 of the value should be covered by the Municipalities and Towns with average incomes per capita equalling or exceeding the average of the Istrian Region, while the remaining 1/3 of the value of planting material will be co-financed by the farmers themselves through their agricultural associations,
  • In the following five (5) years, the Istrian Region will co-finance the value of the acquired planting material from its Budget provided that the per capita income of the Municipality is lower than the Regional average, additionally provided that the Municipality and the farmers jointly participate in the co-financing of the remaining 1/2 of the value.  

2. The Administrative Department for Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, Fishing, and Water Management is in charge of introducing the INTENSIVE SUPPORT MODEL to all Municipalities and Towns as well as all agricultural associations in the Istrian Region at the latest until the period of 15 days, with the objective of elaborating quality plans for laying out long-time plantations, organizing production of planting material, and a timely securing of specified-purpose funds in the Budgets of Municipalities and Towns for 2004, and in the course of the Programme. 

3. AZRRI d.o.o. Pazin is in charge of organizing and coordinating the production of planting material of autochthonous sorts for the needs of performing the Programme of Intensive Encouragement of Long-Time Plants in the Istrian Region. 

4. Supervisory Boards and Administrations of AZRRI d.o.o. Pazin and MIH d.o.o. Poreč are in charge of delivering the final proposal of unification of the two trade companies to the Government of the Istrian Region by 31 December 2003 in the way that AZRRI d.o.o. should take over all rights and obligations of MIH d.o.o., which should be in accordance with the proposed strategy of rural development of the Republic of Croatia elaborated by UN FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb, November 2003.