Objectives of the Programme of Acquiring Planting Material 2004-2008


  • Annual laying out of minimally 200 hectares of vineyards,
  • In five years, planting minimally 1000 hectares, on the basis of 4000 plants per hectare it amounts to 4.000.000 vines,
  • The value of one vine graft is 15 kn, it is planned to invest 60.000.000,00 kuna in the following five years.


  • In the following five years, at least 400.000 new plants should be planted, which means achieving the number of 1.0 million trees (without renovating the neglcted olive groves)
  • 80.000 pieces of plants or 300 hectares should be planted annually
  • The value of one plant is 45 kuna, the planned investments for the next five years amount to a total of 18.000.000,00 kuna.


  • In the next five years, 100 hectares of new orchards should be planted, on the basis of 400 plants per one hectare, it amounts to a total of 40.000 plants,The value of one plant is 25 kuna, it is planned to invest a total of 1.000.000,00 kuna in five years.
  • Educating local producers about the production of autochthonous planting material

  • Empowering professionals to lead the selection of autochthonous sorts
  • Laying out the main plantations for the production of noble sorts, and laying out the main plantations for the production of basic grounds