Polytechnic Pula

Polytechnic Pula

Polytechnic Pula is established in 2000. by Istrian county with goal to educate modern and multidisciplinary experts in concordance with world's standards which will stimulate economic growth in Istria county through small and medium enterprise.

This aim is supported by reputable scientists, research assistants and professors who are professionally active at major company such as "HEP" (Croatian electric-power industry), "Uljanik"(Croatian shipyard), etc. Since there was no similar faculty in Croatia for that time, some parts of program and some groups of subjects are comparing and coordinating with programs which perform in Europe Universities such as Fachhochschule Furtwangen, Fachhochschule Augsburg, Hochschule Bremen Fachbereich Elektrotechnik, Leicester Politecnic, ETH Zurich, etc.

The college building is situated in the centre of town near amphitheatre. It represents a cultural monument built in XIX century in neo-classicistic style.
In order to transfer pragmatic knowledge to its students, the college works closely with business and industry, particularly in the fields of producing and engineering and have established cooperation with development programmes. This cooperation makes Polytechnic Pula distinctive and unique.

About study

Polytechnic Pula is offering instruction in many industrial arts and applied sciences. Subjects of Polytechnic study are composed from natural science, technique and information technology, economy and other social science (the elementary and public law, technique of negotiate and rhetoric, psychic of sale, ecology). From these subjects, seventy percent represents technique.

Study performs in 3+2 years (6+4semesters). Students can choose between two courses: Technical management andTechnical information technology . Because of unique and distinctive profile of study, students acquire skills such as creativity techniques, project management, communicative skills, interdisciplinary working and foreign language proficiency. Also, the program of study includes workshops and encourages students to be collaborative because in the real world teamwork is essential.

Students enjoy good computer facilities. There are some 40 modern computers available, all provided with peripheral equipment. At this moment, there are about 350 students educating on the faculty with upward trend. This year will graduate the 10th generation.

After students passed all specified exams and final exam they get diploma and technical term graduate engineer of production (polytechnic).

Member of CARNet

Polytechnic Pula is the member of CARNet ( Croatian Academic and Research Network). CARNet is a computer network of the academic and scientific-research community. Therefore, the CARNet member institutions are primarily institutions from the systems of science and higher education. By connecting to the CARNet network and by providing the necessary equipment, scientists, professors, students and other are provided with the possibility of using the Internet and other CARNet services.

Collaboration with "TECHNE"

The Polytechnic  Pula collaborates with "TECHNE" - association of engineers. "TECHNE" has its own publication " TECHNE " which cover subjects from different fields such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, management, business economy and information technology. The best student's works and summarize of thesises are publishing in this publication.

Polytechnic Pula in Erasmus+ programme

Polytechnic Pula, College of applied sciences in December 2013, has received the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education ( ERASMUS CHARTER FOR HIGHER EDUCATION ( ECHE ) ).

Erasmus ID Code : HR PULA02

Erasmus Charter No .: 269 051 - EPP - 1-2014-1 -EN - EPPKA3 - ECHE

More about on:  http://www.politehnika-pula.hr/english