The system of public drainage and water protection system

Previous decades in the construction of gross infrastructure in Istria will remain marked by common and large investments in water supply systems. This year will witness the completion of VSI - Waterworks of Butoniga I phase, nominal capacity 1000 l/s drinking water as one of the largest and most important interventions in the history of Istrian peninsula. 

Such investments enabled the construction of the water supply network, which resulted in a high level of water supply network in Istria today amounting to above 95%. 

Water as general good is the fundamental resource for the economic and technological development of every life environment, especially if we take into consideration the orientation towards tourism and ecologically clean space and sea. Such notions impose the imperative of its protection and preservation. 

With the aim of water protection, the goal should be that all used water should be accepted in the system of public drainage, processed, and enabled for its further use, or else discharged into the natural area without harmful consequences, which is the legal obligation. The construction of the system of public drainage in the Istrian peninsula, due to the configuration of the territory and the predominantly Karst soil structure, makes the project of water protection more demanding. 

If we want quality drinking water on Istrian peninsula, we have to protect it during its entire flow from the sources. 

After the completion of the strategic capital construction of water supply capacities, the necessary step needs to be the long-term investment in the protection of sources of drinking water. 

Taking into consideration the area covered with zones of sanitary protection of sources (Sv. Ivan, Gradole, Bulaž, Bužini, Gabrijeli, Rakonek, and all Labin sources), the accumulation Butoniga and Pula's wells, as well as the ecological protection of the Lim Canal, it is obvious that almost more than 70% of the Istrian area belongs to some of protection regimes. It undoubtedly witnesses that the Istrian underground needs to be treated as a unique water resource for all sources of drinking water. 

Due to the importance of the project of water protection and the obligations following from the law, the construction of the system of public drainage should include all units of local self-government, the Istrian Region, and the authoritative institutions of the Republic of Croatia. This was the reason for the proposal of the organization of the unique legal subject for the construction and maintenance of THE SYSTEM OF PUBLIC DRAINAGE AND WATER PROTECTION in the Istrian Region.