Programmes of the European Union (EU)

1. INTERREG – the EU initiative

The initiative INTERREG III, to be realized in the period between 2000-2006 (the EU usually programs the structural funds for the period of 6 years) broadens the dimensions of collaboration and launches programmes of transnational and interregional collaboration as an answer to the future enlargement of the EU, and the corresponding enlargement of its borders and progressive moving of its external borders eastwards.


The European Union Initiatives (there are four initiatives of the EU: INTERREG, LEADER, EQUAL, URBAN) such as INTERREG are of great significance and great interest for the regional and local units. For this reason, they should be made a priority in designing and realizing the projects.


The initiative INTERREG III, phase I 1988-93; II 94-99; III 2000-2006 was launched with the objective of developing trans-border collaboration among border areas on the internal and external borders of the EU. Due to their geographic position, they are in the unenviable position of frequent isolation from the main economic centres of the country.


The Initiative INTERREG III is conceived in three lines:


- Line A- trans-border collaboration- 67%

- Line B – transnational collaboration – 27%

- Line C- interregional collaboration - 6%


2. Law no. 84 of 21 March 2001 of the Republic of Italy


Regulation of the Italian participation in the stabilization and reconstruction of the countries in the Balkan region. All information on the website:




Programme CARDS - Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation

The assistance consists of financing programmes for institution-building and investment programmes, the invested funds are outright grants.

The programme of technical and financial assistance of the European Union was adopted in December 2000 with the primary objective of supporting South-European countries and their active participation in the Stabilisation and Association Process.

The Programme CARDS replaces the previous programmes of financial assistance OBNOVA and PHARE. Together with Croatia, countries-users of the programme are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Serbia and Montenegro. The Programme is conceived for the period until 31 December 2006, and its total value is 4,65 billion € .

The Istrian Region is preparing proposals for the nomination of projects for the programme CARDS 2003 by Administrative Department.


More detailed information on the website of the Ministry of European Integration (Technical Assistance Programmes-EU Programmes):