Projects from the second competition for INTERREG III B CADSES

The second competition was open on 14 April 2003 and closed on 17 June 2003.

The Istrian Region nominated four projects for the second competition INTERREG III B CADSES. We are still waiting for the final election of projects.


1. COSTA – Cooperation for Sustainable and Cultural Tourism in Adriatic

Leading partner: Region of Puglia (Italy)


2. EMINEAR - Environmental Infrastructure Measures in the North-East Adriatic Region

Leading partner: Consortium ARGE NEAR Klagenfurt – (Austria)


3. ADRI.ENV - Environment Friendly Management of Fishery Activities in the Adriatic and Aegean Seas

Leading partner: Region of Veneto (Italy)


4. GO NETWORK - Guarantee Organizations Network

Leading partner: Region of Veneto (Italy)

Partner from the Istrian Region :IDA (Istrian Development Agency)