Collaboration with emigrants

The Istrian Region collaborates with emigrants' clubs in the whole world, and every two to three years, it organizes the emigrants' gathering in Istria.


Information about the emigrants in the USA:









This title hides the name of the programme – the gathering of the Istrian emigrants in Istria, sponsored by the Istrian Region and Istrian towns and municipalities. As a friendly visit and contact, the event was realized in Istria in 2000. About 200 guests were accommodated in Pula in hotels Histria, Palma, Brioni, Park, and in the apartments Punta Verudela, while the majority of participants stayed with their relatives and friends. Those who participated only in the programme without hotel accommodation paid the symbolic amount of $100 US and participated in the organized programme.


From 15- 22 July, the participants of the event were visiting Towns and several Municipalities of the Istrian Region enjoying the rich entertainment and cultural programmes (Rovinj, Žminj, Labin, Poreč, Pazin). Guests were able to daily choose among sightseeing the old town nucleus, the mass at the Euphrasius' Basilica, the tournament in briškula and trešete card games, bocce, swimming in the sea, picnic, concerts... There were organized excursions on the wine roads of Istria, the trip to Brijuni, the excursion to the Istrian interior--Roč, Kotle, Hum, Motovun; to Venice, or similar.


Along with all day and half-day programmes, there were evening entertainment programmes featuring popular Croatian signers. There were also various cultural programmes such as the Exhibition of Istrian Souvenirs in Svetvinčenat, a Panel in the hotel Histria with the topic "The History of Istria", the presentation of the book by Antun Bozanić "Istrian Emigrants in New York", a lecture entitled "Women in Emigration, Women in Istria" and other. On 21 July, emigrants met in Pazin with the officials of the Istrian Region, where they were introduced to the Development Programmes of the Tourist Community, and they also had an opportunity of asking questions to highest-ranking officials in Istria.


As part of the Programme United Istrians of the world (A) there was the simultaneous sub-programme Terra Histrica (B) designed for young people from emigration through various educational and entertainment programmes (encounters, excursions, lectures, workshops). The objective of this programme was to introduce and familiarize the young descendents of the Istrian emigrants and to connect the emigrants' children with young people in Istria so that they would come the following year as well thus continuing their educational traditional tourist programme.



A significant assistance in the realization was provided by the Croatian Emigration Institute, the Youth Clubs from Istria, the Clubs of Istrian Students in Rijeka and Zagreb, and by the fellows of the Istrian Region.


Following the model of the first encounter of the Istrian emigrants "United Istrians of the World 2000", the Istrian Region as the sponsor and the towns and municipalities of the Istrian Region organize the second encounter of the Istrian emigrants from the USA and Canada which will be held from 21-26 July 2004.


Except cultural and entertaining, the event will also have educational character (presentation of new possibilities and projects of tourist offer: development of agrotourism, rural and family tourism, renovation of old and abandoned houses, development of winemaking, ecological nutrition, cultural tourism, and similar).


From 21-26 July, participants of the programmes will participate in half-day visits to towns and municipalities of the Istrian Region rich with cultural and entertainment programmes (sightseeing the old town nucleus, folklore programme, classical music concert in the Euphrasius’ Basilica, excursions to the interior of Istria, visit to agrotourism, wine roads, exhibition of Istrian souvenirs in Svetvinčenat, the old knight game “The Ring Race” in Barban...). Along with day events, the offer also includes evening entertainment programmes featuring popular Croatian musicians.



The participants of the programme will be accommodated in the hotel "Diamant" in Poreč. The number of participants ranges from 150 - 160 persons.