The content of the campaign

The campaign includes printing and distribution of 3000 posters, 4000 stickers, placing 60 huge billboards along the roads in the period of 45 days, printing 400 T-shirts, 1030 broadcasts of 5 radio commercials and 215 broadcasts of radio dramas and 126 broadcasts of anti-drugs songs on ten local Istrian radio stations, 528 broadcasts of three TV ads on local televisions. Promotional materials have been distributed to more than 300 addresses in the area of the Istrian Region (all elementary and high schools, student homes, all health care institutions, associations of young people, centres for extra-hospital treatment and fight against drug-addiction, communes, social care centres, youth associations, municipalities and towns), as well as public billboard places in the area of the Istrian Region. The duration of the campaign "Run Away" is 60 days. It is planned that the campaign should be carried out at the beginning of every school year.