Artistic Performance Entitled ''Drugs Do Not Discriminate''

On the occasion of the ''RUN AWAY'' campaign against addiction-related illnesses, an artistic performance entitled ''Drugs Do Not Discriminate'' will take place near Foška Cafe Bar. Visitors will enjoy a photographic exhibition entitled ''Sportski Šut – Pravi put''.

(Say ''NO'' to Drugs, Say ''YES'' to Sports). These photographs show famous Istrian Sports Celebrities (Lino Červar, Damir Burić, Stipe Drviš, Igor Pamić ) holding T-shirts engraved with anti-drug inscriptions. These creative slections are the work of Pula's very own famed photographer, Neven Lazarević.

The T-shirts used in Lazarević photo sessions will be available for viewing during the performance.

Also, the infamous performance artist, Josip Pino Ivančić will present his latest work entitled ''The Golden Shop Window''. Through his project, he relays a powerful message to students about the dangers of experimenting with drugs.

The date of his performance is October 1, 2004.