Business subjects in the Istrian Region-situation in December 2003

According to the data of the State Institute for Statistics for December 2003, there were 14.725 registered legal persons in the area of the Istrian Region with the following structure:

  • Trade companies - 6.379; 5.245 active
  • Companies and cooperatives - 6.054; 847 active
  • Institutions, bodies of associations and organizations - 2.292

Due to a more complete review of the total number of economy subjects, these data should be increased by 8.037 registered subjects in crafts and free professions.  

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Monitoring the real employment at the level of the Region is made more difficult due to different methodology of monitoring the employment data by the State Institute for Statistics, so that we currently dispose of data on 31.03.2002 (without the employed in the army and the police).

  • Employed in legal persons - 56.067                        
  • Employed in crafts and free professions - 16.405
  • Total employment - 72.472

The highest number of the employed in Istria was realised in the following activities: 

  • Processing industry - 22,60 %
  • Stores and services - 17,42 %
  • Hotels and restaurants - 12,86 %

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In December 2003, 6.632 persons were unemployed; 4.329 women or 65,27 % of the total number of the unemployed. The registered unemployment was reduced in relation to December 2002 by 23,29 %. 

The average during 2003 in Istria was 6.432 unemployed persons, which represents a fall of 35,74 % according to the average in 2002. 

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Merchandise exchange

In the period between January and December 2003, the Istrian economy realised 745,5 million USD of export, which amounts to 12,09 % of the total export in the Republic of Croatia and 775,9 million USD of imports, or 5,46 % of the imports of the Republic of Croatia. 

Processing industry makes up 87,86 % of the total exports and 54,90 % of the total imports of the Istrian Region (construction and repair of ships, production of tobacco products, production of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers). Another important activity of the merchandise exchange is trade which makes up 9,53 % of the export and 31,83 % of the import in the observed period. 

Looking into countries of purpose-origin, the Istrian Region mostly does business with the countries of the European Union, in which market it places 61,59 % of the total export and from which it realised 70,17 % of the total import. Italy is the most important country-partner in the merchandise exchange with the share of 52,87 % in the export and 50,34 % in the import of the Istrian Region. 

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In the period from January to December 2003, Istria was visited by 2.436.799 tourists, which is 27,45 % total visits in the Republic of Croatia; with the realisation of 16.213.896 or 34,77 % of all tourist nights in Croatia. 

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Financial indicators of entrepreneurs' activities for 2002

According to the data of the Financial Agency for the area of the Istrian Region, 5.083 entrepreneurs submitted correct and complete financial reports in the due period, which served as a basis for the Analysis of financial results of the entrepreneurs in the Istrian Region in 2002.  

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