Special interest areas

As a part of the policy of golf development, it is already possible to single out some special interest areas, first of all:

  • The Istria and Kvarner area, within which the area of the Istrian Region has all preconditions to be developed as the leading golf region in Croatia;
  • The Dubrovnik Riviera as a prestigious golf destination because of Dubrovnik's reputation as the world known tourist, cultural, and historic centre;
  • Other coastal and islands areas from the Zrmanja to the Neretva Rivers as high quality golf destinations;
  • The Town of Zagreb and its broad area as urban golf destination, and finally
  • Other continental areas in which the development of new quality tourism is yet expected, such as the areas of spa tourist and recreational destinations, castles and other natural and historical as well as cultural localities and attractions, as areas of quality golf offer

Talking about physical distribution of golf courts, it is necessary to point out its typical and significant characteristic of concentration, which, along with a special space, ambient, and project diversity only increases its market attractiveness and success.