Localities for the construction of golf courts proposed by the Ministry of Tourism to the Government of the Republic of Croatia are the following:

  1. Golf & Country Club, the town of Zagreb, Blato
  2. Dolina Kardinala, the municipality of Krašić
  3. Marlera, the municipality of Ližnjan
  4. Turnina, the town of Rovinj
  5. Tar-Špin-Mirna, the town of Poreč
  6. Zelena Laguna, the town of Poreč / the municipality of Vrsar
  7. Dubrova, the town of Labin / the municipality of Sv. Nedelja
  8. Butoniga, the town of Buzet
  9. Prašćarija, the town of Novithe town of
  10. Crveni Vrh, the town of Umag
  11. Pićan-Jakomići, the municipality of Pićan
  12. Brseč, the municipality of Moščenička Draga
  13. Liski-Kurila, the town of Mali Lošinj
  14. Dubina, the municipality of Jelenje
  15. Tustica, the municipality of Sukošan
  16. Sinsko Polje and Stobreč, the towns of Split, Sinj, Trilj and the municipality of Otok
  17. Srđ, the town of Dubrovnik
  18. Ćilipi-Močići, the municipality of Konavle
  19. Brijuni, National Park

By the subsequent decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia of 23 December 1999, another 4 potential localities for the construction of golf courts were accepted (all localities are in the Istrian Region, which makes a total of 14 potential localities for the development of golf resorts only in Istra):

  1. Markocija, the town of Umag
  2. Palud, the town of Rovinj
  3. Stancija Grande, the municipality of Vrsar
  4. Kloštar, the municipality of Sv. Lovreč