iDEAL - DEcision support for Adaptation pLan

Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) Programme Italy-Croatia (cro. Program prekogranične suradnje Italija-Hrvatska) is funding  the EU project iDEAL (DEcision support for Adaptation pLan) for which IRENA-Istrian Regional ENergy Agency (cro. IRENA-Istarska Regionalna ENergetska Agencija) is acting as the lead partner. IRENA's budget for the project is 124.079,00 EUR out of the total of 799.191,80 EUR. EU will ensure 85% of IRENA's budget, while the remaining 15% will be provided by Istria Region.

IRENA and DURA (City of Dubrovnik Development Agency, cro. Razvojna agencija Grada Dubrovnika) are the two project partners from Croatia, while the Italian partners are the municipality of Pesaro (province Misano and Urbino), municipality of Misano Adriatico (province of Rimini) and the regional nature park "Dune costiere da Torre Canne e Torre San Leonardo". The last project partner is University IUAV from Venice who will provide technical assistance on the project.

The main objective of the project iDEAL is to improve the climate change monitoring and planning of adaptation measures tackling specific effects in the regions of concern. One of the project outputs will be the creation of CAP (Climate Adaptation Plan) for each concerned region. European Commission encourages all Member States to adopt comprehensive adaptation strategies (currently 21 have strategies) and provides funding to help them build up their adaptation capacities and take action. Istrian and Dubrovnik-neretva County will be among first to have the CAP in place.

The objective of the adaptation plans is to investigate the climate of a specific geographic region and find the most suitable measures for adapting to the climate changes. The plan needs to identify what effect could the climate change have to the environment and quality of life in the region of interest. Therefore, the best adaptation measures need to be identified, elaborated and described. University IUAV will be using DSS method (engl. Decision Support System) to identify optimal adaptation measures out of all possibilities available for certain region. The iDEAL project is a capitalisation of the project TERRE in which IRENA was involved from 2012. till 2014. For TERRE project the University IUAV had also used DSS system to prepare the technical-economic-financial plan, underlining potentialities and opportunities, as well as critical issues, conflicts, bottlenecks, risks and threats, which might arise from the implementation of local development strategies based on RES (Renewable Energy Sources).