SEA-R - Sustainable Energy in Adriatic Regions: Knowledge to Invest

The Istrian Regional Energy Agency (IRENA) has been chosen as one of the partners in the project SEA-R (Sustainable Energy in the Adriatic Regions: Knowledge to Invest) which is financed through the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation 2007 - 2013, whereby the project was awarded 370.380,00 €. The total value of the project amounts to 1.960.338,00  â‚¬, and 85% derives from EU pre-accession funds.

The general objective of the SEA-R is to promote knowledge on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the Adriatic region, with an emphasis on investment.  The project consists of three main sub-projects concerning the three identified energy sources, the sun, the sea and knowledge. The project also has a practical part,  that is the construction of a photovoltaic solar system generating 5 kW of power which is to be built in Labin. In the partner-country Italy the focus will be on sea energy, that is the production of biogas from sea-weed, which will be tested in a pilot-plant to be built in Ferrara. In the framework of the project a Demonstration and information point on sustainable energy will be opened in Labin, where IRENA has its seat.

The results of the project, such as the regional data base on the technical and energetic performance characteristics of public buildings and the installation of the small solar power plant in Labin, will be presented in seven cities, which will be accompanied by workshops and seminars. The results of those projects are to serve as guidelines to achieve greater investments through public-private partnerships.

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