Sea Quality on the Beaches

The quality of the sea in the area of the Istrian Region has been monitored continuously since 1988. Since 1996, the quality has been monitored in accordance with the regulations from the Regulation on Standards of the Sea Quality on Sea Beaches (the official bulletin of the Republic of Croatia Narodne Novine no. 33/96).  

Geographic position and climate in the Istrian Region, with the indented coast 469,5 km long, as well as a significant surface of the coastal sea (20% larger than the continental part - 3 581 square metres), conditions Istria's orientation towards the development of tourist activity connected with the sea, which also imposes the need of monitoring the sea quality on the beaches. 

Besides, the analysis results are useful for the coastal units of self-government in the definition of priority repair programmes, especially in the part of sewage systems with the objective of protecting the bathers' health. 

The Programme is financed from the Budget of the Istrian Region, budgets of the coastal units of self-government, and the concessionaires.

The Programme is carried out by the Institute for Public Health of the Istrian Region based in Pula, which through the Health Ecology Service, the Department for the Protection and the Improvement of the Environment carries out the sampling at defined points and the analyses, after which it proceeds the results to interested parties. 

Region Government once a year examines the described issues and it adopts the Conclusion on the Sea Quality on the Beaches.

The results of the analysis can be found at and on the pages of the Institute for Public Health of the Istrian Region -