Environmental situation

Environment is the natural ambient: soil, air, water, and the sea, the climate, animal and plant world, in the totality of interaction and the cultural heritage as a part of the environment created by man.  

With the aim of better knowledge of the constituent parts of the environment, it is essential to establish a systematic measurement of emissions, monitoring natural and other phenomena, monitoring the environmental quality and changes in the environment, and establishing an ACTIVE PROTECTION. 

Results of an active protection are aimed towards, along with the above stated, a possibility of quick and timely interventions in cases of exceeded standard values of indicators of pollution adopted and defined in laws and performance acts in the domain of environmental protection.  

There has been a systematic monitoring of the quality of the air, the waters, and the sea in the area of the Istrian Region since the early 1980s. 

The Istrian Region has been an active participant in the co-financing of the monitoring programme since 1996.