Coat of arms and flag

She-goat, or he-goat was recorded as the symbol of Istria as early as the times of the ancient Romans. The traditional coat of arms of Istria as a Habsburg margraviate is-blue frame, the triple green hill, and the golden goat with red horns and hooves.

The figurative solution of the coat of arms, adopted by the Regional Assembly on 1 July 2002 is based on one of historic coats of arms of Istria from the 9th century.

The model for the solution is-the blue frame with a golden goat with red horns and hooves-taken over from the book of the Austrian heraldist K.Lind: "Stadte-Wapen von Österreich", printed in Vienna in  1885.

The flag is a horizontal blue and green two coloured flag with the coat of arms in the middle. Blue symbolizes the Istrian sky and the sea, and the green symbolizes the Istrian interior.

The coat of arms of the Istrian Region
The flag of the Istrian Region