The hymn of the Istrian Region

The verses of the poem "Krasna zemljo" were written by Ivan Cukon, the music was composed by Matko Brajša Rašan. This solemn song was the hymn of the Company of St. Ćiril and Metod.

The author of the verses Ivan Cukon (1868 - 1928) completed law school in Vienna. During the 1st World War, he was taken and interned in southern Italy. He was the founder of the educational and support association "Istra" active in Zagreb.

Matko Brajša Rašan (1859 - 1934) was born in Pićan, where he completed elementary school, while he attended his grammar studies in Pazin, and studied law in Vienna. He was a well-known ethno-musicologist and composer. He gathered and noted Istrian folk songs, composed church songs, patriotic songs, hymns, and marches. He was the founder of choirs in Istria. 

Since its creation, the Istrian man linked the song "Krasna zemljo, Istro mila" primarily to his own feeling of belonging to the Istrian land, to his dedication to Istria, to life and co-existence in this land, and to a strong feeling of pride and delight with the eternal and unique Učka, towns, rivers, the Istrian sea and islands, historically connected with Istria. It is barely necessary to mention that the song, on any kind of occasion, both solemn and everyday, used to be sung with always the same enthusiasm and rapture. There is not a single person who does not feel this song as his/her hymn, the hymn of joy, and the story about good Istrian people and the faith in a better and more rightful future for the Istrian people. For this reason, the time when it was pronounced the official hymn of the Istrian Region overlaps with the time when this region stepped towards its way into Europe, where it actually has always belonged.

Based on these premises, the Assembly of the Istrian Region at its meeting held on 23 September 2002 made the decision stating that the song "Krasna zemljo, Istro mila" would be the HYMN OF THE ISTRIAN REGION.

Krasna zemljo

"Krasna zemljo, Istro mila
dome roda hrvatskog
Kud se ori pjesan vila,
s Učke tja do mora tvog.

Glas se čuje oko Raše,
čuje Mirna, Draga, Lim
Sve se diže što je naše
za rod gori srcem svim.

Slava tebi Pazin - grade
koj' nam čuvaš rodni kraj
Divne li ste, oj Livade
nek' vas mine tuđi sjaj!

Sva se Istra širom budi
Pula, Buzet, Lošinj, Cres
Svud pomažu dobri ljudi
nauk žari kano krijes."