Work domain

The Administrative department for sustainable development performs the following works:

  • in the activity of environmental protection, in collaboration with bodies of state administration and bodies of local self-government, it secures the improvement of quality of life and economic development with the simultaneous preservation of the environment, elaborates reports about the state of the environment and programmes of environmental protection aimed at the implementation of Local Agenda 21 and certificate ISO 14001, elaborates documents for the realization of projects related to protection of continental waters and the sea, implements the activities relating to the establishment of systematic waste treatment, monitors the quality of elements of environment and the emission of pollution, organizes procedures concerning public insight and public debates about regional planning interventions in the area of the Region, makes reports to the Regional Assembly and the Regional Government, as well as to bodies of public authorities regarding environmental situation, collaborates with central bodies of state administration, bodies of units of local self-government, legal entities with public powers, and other legal entities performing the works related to environmental protection,
  • in activities related to traffic, maritime affairs, and communication, it performs professional and analytical works of monitoring and analyzing legal regulations with the active participation in creating, preparing, and proposing regulations in the area of traffic, maritime affairs and communication, prepares and proposes decrees for defining the ways of using the maritime property and monitoring its use, as well as proposing the fees for its use, monitors and coordinates the work of Regional port authorities, performs and leads works related to collection of fees for the use of maritime property paid by owners of vessels registered in the vessel register, coordinates timetables and issues permits for performing the Regional regular-service passenger transportation, elaborates and proposes other acts in its work domain, and performs other works in accordance with the law, the acts of the Assembly, the Regional Government and their working bodies
  • in the area of economy, it gathers information, elaborates analyses, and enables the use of the existing database, information, and materials at the disposal with other services of the Istrian Region such as: the Croatian Chamber of Commerce- Regional Chamber Pula (HGK - Županijska komora Pula), the Chamber of Arts and Crafts of the Istrian Region (Obrtnička komora Istarske županije), Financial Agency (FINA), the Croatian Employment Institute (Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje), the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (Državni zavod za statistiku), the State Administration Office (Ured državne uprave), companies, various professional associations,  and performs other works in accordance with the law, the acts of the Regional Assembly, the Government and their working bodies.