Work domain

Administrative department for the Italian national minority and other ethnic groups has, in its domain of work, the following tasks:

  • Encouraging the development of minority rights at the normative and legal level and continuously following the practical application of appropriate regulations, especially regarding the official use of the minority language in the self-governing domain and realizing the principle of proportional representation of representatives of minorities in representative, executive, and administrative bodies of units of self-government;
  • Securing material, physical, and other conditions indispensable for the organizational consolidation and development of programme activities of the nine associations of national minorities of the region level;
    Establishing an efficient system of minority self-government, after the constitution of seven councils of national minorities at the regional level;
  • Supporting a regular and programme activity of the Italian Union, as well as institutions and organizations acting in the system of the Italian Union, in accordance with the regulations of the Statute and the budget possibilities of the Istrian Region.
  • Solving the citizens' complaints related to the issues of respecting the elementary human and minority rights.