Administrative bodies of the Istrian Region are administrative departments and Region's services established for the performance of works in the self-governing domain of the Region, as well as for the performance of works of state administration transferred to the Region. Their establishment is regulated by the general act in accordance with the law and the Statute. Administrative bodies are managed by Heads nominated by the Government on the basis of a public competition. 

Administrative bodies closely collaborate with town and municipality administrations, pass information to each other, collaborate with legal persons in the domain they were established for, coordinate their work, and commonly prepare professional background for the decision-making process of the President, the Government, and the Regional Assembly. They directly perform and monitor the implementation of the decisions of the Regional Assembly, the decisions of the Government, and individual acts of the President. In this sense, they take concrete measures with the objective of harmonious functioning, improvement, and the development of the work they were established for. 

List of administrative bodies